How to tell whether a computer supports SATA?

I have Dell 8300. I want to know whether it can support SATA hard drive and upto what size.

I see the following items listed under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers in Device Manager:

Intel 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 24D1
Intel 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 24DB
Primary IDE Channel
Secondary IDE Channel
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  1. check on the motherboard is there any sata connector...
  2. Google 'SATA pic'. Then look on your Mobo for a connector like it.
  3. Since your a dell owner i imagine you not oo familiar with hardware (yet) this is what a sata port looks like.

    They are generally located on the right hand side of the motherboard near the bottom.
  4. Look at your motherboard, check in the BIOS.
    Checking from within Windows may not tell you the whole story, if you have an SATA capable board, but do not have the SATA ports enabled in the BIOS, they will not show in the Windows device manager.
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