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Serious Questions with Serious Needed Answers!!!

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January 8, 2005 1:14:48 PM

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I have a serious question with serious needed answers. Alright i own the
Resident Evil-Remake and REø. And i'm dying to play them without using
a faq. So i'm not gonna use em. But i need to seriously grasp the idea
of how to play games like this. I just can't understand how [for
example] to go to a particular door of out of 20 of them and bring an
item out of 10 to another door out of 20. I'm pretty smart, but that
just seems like way to much intuition for something. So what do i do,
how should i go about doing it, what should i keep in mind? Thanks a lot
for your much needed help!!!
January 12, 2005 11:25:04 AM

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Alway keep in mind that Resident Evil is a goal oriented game. You
collect object and solve puzzle to open doors and access new areas.
The ulimate goal is to escape. You're often lock in a particular area
until to unlock it. Often the object to look for are keys to doors.
The twist is a key to a door isn't a regular key. It could be a
symbol, stone, painting, crest, ect... If you want to play without the
FAQ then please read all of the notes that you pick up during the
games. Usually, these notes are clues to unlock something to gain
January 30, 2005 2:17:42 PM

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Hey how's it going?

I've been playing RE since the beginning of it's time and I know exactly
what you mean, it use to fustrate me a lot but I then came to the grips of
this game requiring a lot of patience. Tips for you on how to play it and
enjoy it is to search everywhere, examine the objects (especially keys)
that you get. Check what the door says, usually the hints are highlighted
so you know that if the door has a sword etched on the keyhole, your
looking for a key with a sword on it. Check all your notes/files that you
find (most contain passwords that you can easily figure out) and most
importantly, once you obtain something new, go to the area where it
required this object. RE is a Health VS Ammo game so keep that in
mind....if u dont need to kill a zombie then dont.

Hope that helps you out :-)