Need a new graphics card - But which one?

Hi there,

I really hope someone can help, and I'm totally stumped!

Just upgraded my PC and am now running with an MSI K9 Platinum mo'bo and an X2 6000+. However, I'm still using my old XFX 6600 card :)

I'm after the best possible gaming card I can get for no more than £100 GBP (I think that's about $195 USD). Can anyone help me out? I'm so confused by the amount of cards at the moment and all the variations of the same card, I'm having a nightmare deciding! lol

I'll be playing a lot of WoW, NFS: Carbon, and a few FPS games including Far Cry, Doom3, HL2 and Prey, maybe a bit of Flight Sim X

If any of you can throw me a few suggestions for decent cards at this price band, it'd be really appreciated, the more reviews I read, the more confused I get about which card to opt for!


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  1. Considering your price range a x1900XT would do nicely...try to nab a x1950XT if possible...If it's too pricey the x1900XT is around 190 at newegg...hopefully the prices are within range at your location.
  2. If you're in CANADA right now get to Future Shop and grab one of thoseATI radeon x1950 pros they are giving them away @ 149.00!!!!!
    There is nothing short of a nuke that will touch them!
    My gefore 7950 is par with the 1950 pro......big performance!!! Lots of eye candy!!!

    The only cards faster are the 8800 series from nvidia......
  3. Hi for that price range then its gonna be either a 1950 pro or 7900/7950 shop around the net a bit and see what deals are about,any questions come back and ask.
    There are lots more out there just a couple to get you started
    Mactronix :)
  4. Thanks guys! That's really helpful, I'll start looking around at prices :) the x1950pro looks good at the moment!

    If only I could stratch to an 8800 ultra! <drools>
  5. Keep in mind the x1900XT/x1950XT give a large performance boost!..If you see it there within your range grab that instead...the x1950pro is good for the 140 dollar segment. around the 200 dollar mark it's the x1900 and x1950xt that shine. These are ATI's two sweet spots. With the 8800 GTS coming in ontop of them in the 270 dollar mark. Get a XT if you can..if they don't have it a x1950 pro will do fine.

    Use this for the difference between the cards..

    Keep in mind I selected the x1900XT..not the x1950XT...The x1900xt would be faster then the x1950 pro. The x1950 pro R570 core while the x1900XT and x1950XT run on the R580...They have more shaders and are overlal better cards but cost slightly more..If you see a x1900XT or x1950XT within your price range buy this instead....Good for the money and better then the x1950 pro.
  6. I think I've decided upon the X1950XT based on what you fellas have said and also the reviews I've read. :)

    Does it make a difference whether I go for a card by Sapphire, or ATI or by another manufacturer? Or are they all essentially the same?

    Thanks again!

  7. Just be carefull not all graphics cards are created equal ther will be differances in clock speeds etc that are not always stated to clearly or at all some times.
    Take a look here for example
    lots of vey similar cards all with subtle differances in core and memory speeds but its not just a case of picking the fastest for the money. The HIS one is the fastest one there but it will take two slots same as the Power color one will. the OCUK ones are running slower clocks but are cheaper they may overclock back up to spec but you cant gaurantee it. So unless you know you have room for a two slot card then from this example (and it is only that) the sapphire at the bottom of the page would be the best/safest bet.
    But as i said shop around and find your self a good deal just wanted to make sure you were aware of some of the pit fallsout there.
    Happy shopping
    Mactronix :)
  8. You might want to wait a week longer. You can preorder the 2900 Pro already in europe. Prices are about 220€ but are supposed be more like 219$ which is quite close to your price range. I don't have a clue about the cards performance though.
  9. Well it all depends really. If he wants to wait or not..I made a typo in my last post but corrected it..The x1900XT is faster then the x1950pro...That's what I meant to say. The X1900XT and X1950XT run the R580 core while the X1950 Pro runs the R570. The r580 (X1900/1950XT) has 48 Pixel shaders with 16 pipelines...The r570 (x1950 pro) runs 36 pixel shaders with 12 pipelines...

    This is the order of what you want based on price/availability.....

    1. X1950XT
    2. X1900XT
    3. X1950 Pro

    Keep in mind the x1900XT is faster then the X1950 pro..Don't worry about the numbering.

    No body really knows what the 2900 Pro will perform like...If it does perform well and is relatively cheap you might want to nab it.
  10. not to be a party pooper- but I didn't see your PSU spec- make sure your PSU can handle these cards or it may get fried by one of these power monsters. best of luck though. you will be amazed at the difference. I recently went from older x800gto to 8800gts and wow....
  11. Ooh sorry, I've got an OCZ StealthXStream 700w PSU.
  12. you're perfectly fine then. Tier 2 psu...good amount of watts/amps.
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