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I have an older system and want to upgrade to a better graphics card. The MSI motherboard manual states that the AGP slot provides three levels of throughputs: 1x (266Mbps), 2x (533 Mbps) and 4x (1.07Gbps).

I want to install an ASUS N6200/TD/128 GeForce 6200, AGP 4x/8x video card. Does anyone know if this would be compatible? I am concerned since my mainboard only goes to 4X but the new ASUS video card is 4X/8X.

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  1. erm... so you're worried because your motherboard supports 4x and the graphics card card you want supports 4x?

    The clue is in the question. Puzzle it through, I'm sure you'll get there.
  2. Hey gotoo,

    I am pretty sure that it will be compatible.
  3. Wont be a problem X4/X8 means it will run in either.
  4. It should work. The question is, what do you expect that Geforce 6200 to do for you? Can you afford a 7600GT, for example?
  5. It will work fine as agp 8x is compatible with a 4x slot as well an 8x slot. I just looked it up because I bought a new AGP 8x card and with my old card, only AGP 4x showed in the bios, 8x wasn't even grayed out.
  6. Any card that has 4x in the specs, regardless of the other speeds, will work.
    Here is some leisure reading Accelerated Graphics Port
  7. I think this combination will create a vortex that will swallow the world and eliminate all life on this planet!

    Dude why not sell off the old **** and get some newer stuff!
    I mean, god, we're in the age of pci-e....big and fast as hell!
    Don't waste you hard earnd cash on old out-dated stuff move forward and get newer stuff!
  8. Uh, maybe he doesn't have enough money.
  9. Or maybe he doesn't use the computer for games. Sheesh.
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