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I know all CPUs are not created equal, but what is a generally "safe" voltage for the Q6600? I believe I read somewhere that intel suggested not going over 1.35v. Is this a good number to stick to? Can it be pushed higher than that without worry? I'd like to get the clock up as high as I can (3.4 ghz would be an ideal top end), but I don't want to risk damaging the processor in the process.
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  1. FYI: I'll be running an Antec 900 case with extra fans added, and a Zalman 9700 CPU cooler with arctic silver (so, a lot of air flow, and a lot of cooling).

    Also, I'm not looking for ten year longevity or anything. I understand OCing shortens the life of the CPU by a bit, but I'm only intending to run it for about three years MAX. It just needs to be 100% reliable during that time.
  2. Ive heard you can go as high as 1.4 and in really extreme cases i`ve seen 1.5 but this is not something i would advise you to do unless you have liquid cooling. And 3.4ghz with a 6600 is very acheivable i have the 6400 and i`am at 3.2 can go higher but for every day use i choose to stick at 3.2ghz.
  3. I don`t think you will need to pump that much juice through your CPU to achieve your aim of 3.4ghz so take it easy and good luck. :D
  4. 1.5v/3.6 GHz is the general "upper" limit on air for these things.

    Considering some people run them 24/7 on 1.6v+ on Liquid Setups it will be fine unless you get too hot. You won't damage the processor unless you run it too hot. More voltage = more electromitigation. However unless you want to keep it for 6-7 years, that's not a big issue.
  5. Well, I'll shoot for 3.4 ghz, and preferably under 1.45v.
  6. jjblanche said:
    Well, I'll shoot for 3.4 ghz, and preferably under 1.45v.

    I just found my OC log...

    Here are the vCores I needed at Load (this is just 30 minutes Prime Stable, it might be 24 hours or it might need a bit more).

    3.0 -> 1.248
    3.2 -> 1.264
    3.3 -> 2.164
    3.4 -> 1.312

    Edit: My Q's VID (stock Voltage) is 1.2875.
  7. Excellent! Under ideal conditions, I'd like to keep it below 1.35v, and that looks to be possible. 3.4ghz is my holy grail...if I can get it that high, remain stable, and still run a reasonable voltage, I'll be very happy.

    Does Prime95 run in Vista Ultimate 64?
  8. anything under 1.5v will be good just check your temps
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