Can someone help me with my system?

I've got a question i can't turn off eist (speedstep) i turned it of in my bios and in my energie profiles i set it to always on but still it stays on speedstep, what can i do to turn it of for real, should i reinstall xp, because i want to overclock my d935 processor, and now when i overclock the soon as i restart my pc it feezes up. Can you please help me.

my system:
MSI p35 neo2 fr, 2x 512 mb Qimonda 667mhz ddr2, 2x 512 mb Samsung 667mhz ddr2 ( both came from Dell machines) Intel pentium d935, sappire ati radeon 1950gt 512mb, maxtor 320gb sata2 drive, creative xtrememusic x-fi soundcard, sweex 550watts psu, 2x nec 18x dvd burners
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  1. Speedstep is a BIOS feature. You might try the latest BIOS from your MB Mfg. Speedstep is not the likely cause of your system freezing up on restart.
  2. Some boards have a problem with all 4 RAM slots filled and 4 modules from 2 different manufacturers might be causing an issue especially if they are rated at different latencies. I looked on their site but I couldn't find a listing of compatible RAM so you might want to take a look or contact MSI. I agree with badge though that speedstep probebly isn't your problem.
  3. I did what badge told me i upgraded the bios to the latest version but still speedstep remains to work, it 's really frustrating, can it be stopped if i reinstall xp?

    And also i'm gonna change the memory modules to geil black dragon or kingston hyperx memory ddr2 800 or 1066 which will be better.

    And also an new psu i only have 16 amps on the 12v line
  4. Reinstalling XP won't help.

    This is entirely within the BIOS.

    Look around and make sure you have it off. Should be as simple as setting C1E and EIST to Disabled.

    Personally I like Ballistix for their Micron D9 ICs over Geils or Kingston. Either kit at 1066 would be fine if you don't want to OC though.
  5. how can i deactivate c1e because i dont see this option in the bios maybe it has another name?
  6. samsonic said:
    how can i deactivate c1e because i dont see this option in the bios maybe it has another name?

    Not sure where it is. It's a power saving option that will undervolt the processor when it's idle.
  7. Your MB manual may have instructions under the BIOS section.
  8. i have eist deactivated in the bios.
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