my DDR2 533 is running as DDR 199

I recently bought an inspiron 1501 with 1GB DDR2 533 but when I runned memtest86 it shows that I have a DDR 199 @ 90 mhz. What it could be? :(
BTW I use Ubuntu as main OS and XP as game OS. I have also runned "rightmark memory analyzer" on XP and it shows the same.
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  1. Have you checked if there are any user adjustable settings in the BIOS?
  2. At least not for the memory. In the memtest there are some options to alter the ram, such as CL, tRCD and tRP.
    BTW the latency is 1-1-1-5 <maybe that's the problem.
  3. Yeah, something is wrong..."1-1-1-5" - that's impossible.
  4. i dunno, at 90mhz... wiht some extremem voltage, i rockon the good stuff could do that.
  5. I've had similar readings with certain versions of cpu-z. I wouldn't worry about it if your system is stable. If these readings are from the bios, you can flash it, just be careful. I've had 2 or 3 dead boards in 15 years of flashing.
  6. Wow you got some uber RAM there with those timings :lol:

    But at 90MHz... gee... I don't think even those timings can save you.
  7. yeah, oh, btw, sorry about the completely illegable writing on my part, usually it is fine but others it is shocking.

    "I don't know, at 90mhz... with some extreme mem voltage, I think the good stuff could do that."
  8. Or unless you know how to fix it if it screws up ;)
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