Asus A-45GA 450W

hi all

what can you say about
Asus A-45GA 450W


my system:

motherboard gigabyte 8I945PLGE-RH
2.8 ghz Pentium d dual core cpu
geforce 7300 gs graphics card
40 gb ide & 160gb sata = 2 hdd
512x2 = 1024 ram

+ dvd rw + usb card reader... + 2 neon lights + fan(s)
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  1. For your current video card, it will work fine. For future builds, probably not, unless you stay with a low end video card.
  2. Agreed. If you are planning on taking out the PSU and using it in another higher end system or upgrade this one I would say get a higher wattage PSU. For another 20.00 or so you can get another 200 watts.

    Your future plans with it is the decision factor you need to use to decide.
  3. Why Asus? They aren't known for producing quality PSU. In fact, I didn't know they sold any PSUs until now.
  4. They probably don't make it.
    My guess is it is a very low output unit, but would easily suffice your current system.
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