I formatted my 8GB SD HC card and comp can't read it now

To start off, I have http://canadacomputers.com/index.php?do=ShowProduct&cmd=pd&pid=016296&cid=990.218
It was working fine, until I attempted to a install windows XP on it (asus eee). I used the windows xp installation "formatting" and failed to install XP on the flash...so anyways...now I plug the SD card in, and it detects it, but when i try to open it it says "please insert disc into E:"...do i need some sort of drivers for the SD card itself?
Please help!!!
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  1. Can I ask a dumb question - why are you putting the OS on an SD card in the first place - why not just install on the hard drive?

    I'm no expert but it may have something to do with the following. When you install the OS on a HD you usually have the bios set up to go looking for the OS when the system boots. The bios is normally set up so it will look at the C drive then the CD/DVD ROM (E drive) and then the A drive or floppy. The bios can be configured to look at specific drives in a specific order. At the moment I suspect you are not telling it to look at the drive assigned ot the SD card when the computer boots up so when it detects the OS it goes looking for it on the E drive.

    Again don't take this as gospel as I have never tired anything like this.
  2. i tried to install the OS on the flash card because the laptop that my gf has is the Asus EEE PC, which has 4GB of hard drive space...so if i install xp = next to no space left for updates and whatnot...so i attempted to install it on the flash drive and it failed...i ended up using Nlite to cut down the installation significantly and installed it onto the laptop's hard drive. but now when i try to access the flash drive, it gives me that error. i think it has to do with my formatting of the drive during windows setup. i'm not talking about booting a OS from a removable drive. when i'm in my computers in XP i can't access the flash drive files, but it is detected. thanks tho :)
    pleaseeeee anyone know what i can do? do i need drivers for the card itself!? is there a way to format it again so that i can use it to store files? i tried the default windows "format disk" right click option...doens't work.
  3. ok from what I can see that might be part of the problem is this card is SDHC Class 6 and are rated for 6MB/s, while class 4 ensure min 4MB/s.

    The high capacity cards are only compatible with SDHC compliant products and are NOT backwards compatible with traditional SD format devices.

    So if you don't have a SDHC compatible device this "could" be your problem. If you get an SDHC compatible device and reformat it, this I believe should fix the problem if you are using it on a non-SDHC device.

  4. nooooooo, that's not the problem because it was working fine before i tried to install XP on the flash card.
    so it's compatible.
    it's just a tried to install windows XP on the flash card and it failed, and now the computer detects it as a removable device, but i can't access it. when i open it in my computer it says "insert disc into E:"
    so compatibility is not an issue
    do i need a special program to reformat it back to factory specs? or some kinda drivers?
  5. ok then try this....

    I have never tried it, so I can't give any recommendations for it other than it looks like something next to try.

  6. something else I am seeing is that cards bigger than 2GB should be formatted in FAT32... but more often than not they recommend you do this in a camera that was designed to use the card.

    So this is something else to try in the event the above doesn't work.
  7. didn't work, :(
    grrrrrrrrrrr....anyone know what i can doooo???
  8. Try using a live Linux CD, such as Ubuntu. You can use its partition software to solve the problem, or you can download Gparted:

  9. hey try this.....

    go into WinXp control panel - device manager - SD controller and click on "update driver" tab then let XP wizard do it's thing.

    See if that works.
  10. right click my computer and go to Manage, then click on disk management and see if your Card is there, then right click on it to see if you can reformat it.
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