ASUS Support - Shoddy at best?

Does ASUS care about their customers?

I purchased a CUV4X-E motherboard based on certain criteria, one of which is that it would support 1GB of RAM that I wanted to use. I've since realized that this isn't correct. 1GB of RAM will cause the machine to lock up. 768MB of RAM will do just fine without problems. Maybe a bad stick? I cascade a new one through and experience the same problem every time. A search on their knowledge base seems to reveal that this is a common problem. So I try to contact their support via email. First response is within 12 hours suggesting I try their drivers (which I already had installed but didn't mention specifically in the email I sent). Tried them to no avail. Replied to their suggestion indicating the results and waited for 4 business days before deciding I wasn't going to get a response. Tried emailing them again, giving them 3 business days before I decided it was a fruitless once again. Alright, maybe I should try their support number, which isn't toll-free. After sitting on hold for 20 minutes on my dime I select the option to leave a message for someone to contact me back. 3 business days later, nothing. I try to call once again, and give them 20 minutes of my time on hold again deciding to try this message leaving game. Again, no response at all. Finally, frustrated to no end, I send an email clearly outlining my problem once again and outlining the attempts I've made to try and have it rectified, and sure enough, no response again. Maybe the support person that replied the first time was fired for trying to help a customer with a problem since it seems nobody is home there anymore. This is still an unresolved issue and while I had great confidence in ASUS' product, I certainly don't in their support. If you buy their product, pray it works as you expect it to.
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  1. The fact that you got an answer once is amazing. Consider yourself blessed.

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  2. Asus has some of the worst support I have ever seen.

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  3. Hey, you have Asus all wrong!!!! They don't belong in the "Bad Support" forum. Move them to the "NO Support" forum, where they are KING! LOL :)



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  4. It's sad, but it's true: No support at all would be better than the support Asus provides. That's one of the reasons why my next motherboard won't be an Asus motherboard!

  5. ive just replaced an asus a7v133
    i just dont like the way they overclock everything so its more stable / gets better benchmarks

    e.g. 1209Mhz @ 1200
    3.56V as stock for the 3.3V line!

    in the end mine just started dying one day. IDE controller errors. very sad.

    got an iwill kk266r-plus and am impressed with it.
    better documentation too.

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  6. Short Version. I agree, No More ASUS Boards For Me. Anyone who has a slot A, know what the URM are. They hold the CPU firmly on to the board. ASUS support don't think I need them, there's a slot A on the board. Get my picture? In Fact if u need a part, your better off sending them a picture, NO Speaka any English. Other. I also e-mail Abit, I thought I screwed up my FlashChip doing a BIOS upgrade, it was my first. For less then $10. they were more then happy to send me a FlashChip. I ended up not needing it, but a mere $10. was nothing to me to get my board back up. Also.. because I spent 500 at the time for a ASUS K7V 266 brd, and memory and it played my UT like crap. Maybe I'm an idiot, because I couldn't get it to play well. I'm going to stick with Abit or try other boards, what do I have to lose? I all ready lost $500. and also, can't get a piece I need for my slot A board.

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  7. yeah, they never support their products..........even if you get a tech speaks to you. the tech doesn't know anything at all...........suchs
  8. Asus + Support = Oxy-moron...

    Not two words that should EVER be combined because they simply do not exist

    To Be or Not to be... DAMN but that is confusing!
  9. Asus just sucks!

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  10. BBB Report take from :
    on 4/20/02

    Based on BBB complaint files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to one or more unanswered and/or two or more otherwise unresolved complaints.

    The following data concerns complaints processed by the BBB since the firm's file was opened in 03/1999 or over the last 36 months, whichever is less. ASUS has had 44 complaints. 11 were closed as Resolved. 25 were closed as Assumed Resolved. 3 were closed as Reasonably Explained to the Bureau's Satisfaction.5 were closed as No Response.

    Based on BBB complaint files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to one or more unanswered and/or two or more otherwise unresolved complaints.

    Additional Addresses: 6737 Mowry Avenue, Newark, CA 94560
    Additional Phone Numbers: 510-000-0000
    Additional Doing-Business-As Names: ASUS Computer International
    AsusTek Computer Inc
    Additional TOB Classifications: Computers-Supls/Parts/Service

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  11. hey ill add too...its been over 3 days since i called them with my problem and still no call if you hold your breath while waiting on these asses to help their customers then YOU WILL DIE.
  12. I'm a guy who has had it with Dell and their award winning service and tech support over the last 4 years. Goes to show you that you can't rely on a companies name any longer, like I did prior to buying Dell. I am surprised to read these comments about Asus, I was under the impression that they are one of the best mobo manufacturers out there, but then again considering my past experience with Dell maybe I shouldn't be. Who im Gods good name makes the best (or very good) mobo? Is it unreasonable to expect to get good tech support at the same time? What's good today in mobo's???????

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