KeepDrv? Wierd error

I'm having the oddest problem. I'm on a decently large network, and one of the computers this week, will randomly freeze up, and display a small window that says KeepDrv in its title(nothing but a title-box). I thought it was an isolated computer problem, until then, it popped up on another machine twice so far(but not nearly as often). Its driving me mad. I've virus scanned the different machines, then searched for keepdrv on all the machines, couldn't find it as a file, or in the registry, or in win.ini or system.ini, or _anywhere_. HELP! I'm running out of options.
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  1. THe only thing I can find reffers to a network adapter...but in linux.

    for the hell of it check out the page and see if the NIC card is made by the manufacturers name

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