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French living in Japan, I just moved to windows 7 and wheninstalling Sidewinder joystick, the installation goes up to theend or step 1. then ask me me in an error message if I want to leave the set up program.

No way to go to step 2- settings and test.

In the device manager, the joystick does not appear. the CFS3 game recognise the joystick, it can be use, but there way to adujst it or make buttons assignments....

Any ideas? Any new downloads availave for a driver compatible with Windows 7....?
Or do we have to wait for a new joystick to appear??

Any help appreciated, please be kind to contact me at:

Thanking you all in advance

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  1. Please do not post your email publicly. I've edited your message to remove it.

    I suggest you visit Microsoft's website for Windows 7 drivers for your sidewinder. I doubt if the guys in Redmond would let such a premium product lose support, especially on their newer OS?
  2. Microsoft don't support their joystick for pc any more, microsoft has mainly focused their controll pads for the x-box. No joystick support or drivers for windows 7, except the standart usb pnp driver.
    This make the joystick from microsoft obsolete.

    So have to look out for new joysticks that is supportd by windows 7 64 bit technology.
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