Wirless isn't showing up?

I got home from school today and finished my homework and decide i would get online and play some games or something, but my laptop wasn't getting the usual internet connection. Two were showing up, but those are my neighbors connections. The normal network doesn't even seem to be there. I decided to check my desktop and it was getting internet fine. I tried all the simple idiot things to get the network working, but none worked. i restarted and even unplugged the router and plugged it back in which most of the time fixes any problem. I haven't ever had this problem before, and yesterday i was getting connection perfectly. What is wrong? Can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to get my network working again?
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  1. 'Fraid that mentioning doing the "simple idiot things" doesn't tell one much. If the desktop computer was okay, does it use wireless or ethernet to connect to the router ?

    If the desktop uses wireless successfully, you need to look at your laptop. Check that the laptop's wireless is switched on, that its wireless adapter appears OK in Device Manager.
    Try moving the laptop to the same room as the router. Try turning off wireless security in the router.

    Check that a new neighbouring wifi isn't on the same channel or within 5 stops of your channel -- if so change channels in the router.

    See if the laptop works when connected by ethernet.
  2. This is happening to me also...I have both my laptops and my wii will no longer find my network.. I have reset my router, modem...if I hardwire my laptops, they work just fine. I have looked and made sure that there are no yellow marks under device manager. It's not just one laptop, it's all my wireless devices...any advice on what to do next?
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