CPU died???

I recently built my own computer and all that and it's been playing great, temps were ok and everything, but suddenly while i was playing "the ship" i looked at core temp and it said like 80c, so i go check TaT and it said like 65c or something so i decided to put it in standby mode to let it cool off but now when i try and turn it on it wont turn on at all. Is my cpu fried or what? this was just a little while ago and my cpu is still a bit hot even though its off so im letting it cool right now.
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  1. You have tried unplugging your PC for 10-20 seconds and re-plugging it in, right?

    That will help if it won't come out of standby.
  2. I just unplugged it, and then set up my big house fan beside it and now it actually boots up and everything. Temps down to like 28c, guess ill just leave it there until i get a better CPU cooler this weekend(the one i ordered was backordered 2 weeks so i just installed with default)
  3. It might be an issue with Standby mode. Sometimes my computer won't come out of it so I just don't use it. You could have several other issues:

    Ambient Case Temperature is too high (not enough air exchange in and out of the case)
    Improperly applied thermal paste
  4. Well I didnt try the unplug thing until very last so maybe that was it. I turned all my fans on high(didn't even realize they could go on low =P)
  5. My case is hot but I've got a 2.2 ghz Opteron 175, it is a ROCK SOLID processor.
  6. my processor is an E6850. Just got it last week or so. But yeah definitely need to fix it up with a better than stock cooling this weekend or something.
  7. I second TCs thought about 'standby' mode. Lot's of PCs seem to have a problem 'waking up' and unplugging/cold boot is the only way to rouse them.

    After playing a 3d game for a long time 65c is not a terribly high temp. 80 might be a different story. Are you overclocking? The bottom line is system stability. You may be just fine.
  8. kojicolnair said:
    my processor is an E6850. Just got it last week or so. But yeah definitely need to fix it up with a better than stock cooling this weekend or something.

    Usually stock will be sufficient, but even with a better cooling system you still need to make sure you have good airflow in your case. Blowing hot air over a nice heatsink won't cool your proc.

    PS - Nice proc!
  9. also I'm not sure which temp reading thing to trust really. If core temp was right I was wayyyy over but if TAT was right I was barely over at all so yeah.
  10. wooord
  11. This is more a question, Back of my mind (whats left of it) TAT reads 15 C low with new Proc. (6x50). Don't know if they have updated TAT for the new tjunction. If so that would mack coretemp (80C) anf Tat (15C + 15C) agree
  12. Correction to Last sentence: .. would make core temp (80C) and TAT (65C + 15C = 80C) agree
  13. 80C is way too hot, make sure all the pins on the HS are locked down. Never use hibernate or standby they are fraught with problems. If you computer is to hot etc. just shut it down. In settings just power down the monitor and HD after 20-30 minutes if you want to leave the PC running.
  14. Yeaaah... I'll never be using standby or anything again =P I'll probley just start shutting my computer down when I'm not on it. I turned all my fans from low to high so it shouldnt get too hot like that anymore. Just wondering though, is there any way to directly control the processor fan? It seems to only turn on when the processor gets hot or something. Well time to do a bit of testing on the game that made it overheat this morning =P
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