2 SCSI drives how should I configure?

I just got another SCSI drive on an impulse eBay buy. Right now I have a 36GB 15k U320 as my C: . It is always filling up.

I have a new 10K 146GB U320 on the way.

I have a U160 controller and one 2-plug 68pin cable with terminator. The controller is a pci controller. I have an old computer so the harddrives are the best thing about the whole pc...

So here is the question:

Should I use the 36GB as the C: then install apps on the 146 ? If so, should I set swapfile for D: as well?


Should I use the 146GB for OS and apps then use the 36GB for swapfile and output destination for my video project?

I mostly video edit with lite gaming.

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  1. Use the faster for OS and Apps then Render to the slower.
  2. Ok.. Now I have the second drive. I caint figure out the jumper settings. I just randomly moved one jumer and it made it (136GB) go to device id 4. But when I boot up in the disc manager it shows up as several 36GB partitions. Its like it can only make partitions the same size as the small drive.

    I have a one channel controler card with one cable that has 2 plugs for drives.

    How do you slave the big 10k drive?

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