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Hi. I am going to build myself a new system, but I live in an old apartment and I want it to be low power. I really don't want to go above a 350w power supply. I don't want to worry about tripping the circuit breaker. I do photoshop and play adventure games - not the high end shooters.

My big concern is the mobo and cpu. Advice I've read and seen on this site and other forums is to go with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 cpu and a GeForce 7600GS graphics card. I'm also planning on:

Western Digital Caviar SE SATA 300MB/s 160GB Hard Drive WD1600AAJS, 7200 RPM, 8MB Cache. OEM
Seasonic 330W Power Supply, ATX12V, 120mm Fan, Supports SATA, Model: S12-330

and a dvd writer.

What mobo should I get? I want about 2GB of memory. I've seen Foxconn and ECS described as energy efficient, would any board of theirs that supports that cpu work? Or are there any specific models that might be better? What aobut hat power supply - is that a good one for my needs?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. A 15 amp circut breaker will power up to a 1800 watt PSU, unless you have a ton of things on a single circut (not a good idea) you can run just about any PSU on the market today.
    ECS does not make good motherboards.
    Seasonic makes a good PSU, it will work.
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