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I have a desktop PC cabled to a DSL modem via Ethernet. I recently acquired a DVR from DirecTV. The DVR has an Ethernet port and I have a spare USB port on my PC. If I installed an Ethernet to Wireless adapter in the DVR and a Wireless to USB adapter on my PC, would the DVR be able to connect to the Internet via my PC connection using the MS software (no router)?
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  1. Just get a router. It would be much easier than using ICS.

  2. I'm more interested in cheap rather than easy.
  3. Internet Connection Sharing is not ideal.

    For a cheap router look at secondhand (e-bay, flea markets, swap meets etc) there are lots of ex-ISP routers kicking around due to customer churn. Some need to be reflashed back to retail version of firmware but this is usually do-able. Obviously minimum should be 802.11g wireless standard -- personally I favour Netgear but hear good things about Linksys.
  4. A router costs the same as a wireless USB adapter. How much cheaper can you get?

  5. I would need a an Ethernet wireless adapter on both ends plus a router versus 1 Ethernet wireless adapter and 1 USB wirelesss adapter.
  6. Move the DSL modem close to the DVR. Get a wireless router and connect it to the DSL modem. Connect the DVR ethernet port to the wireless router. Get a USB wireless adapter for the Desktop PC and connect to the wireless router.

  7. I failed to mention (wasn't really relevant) that I also have a satellite modem (very large piece of equipment) that gets plugged into the Ethernet when I have trouble with DSL. So your suggestion would require moving the DSL modem and the satellite modem into my den. Not practical for me do that (my wife would want to kill me).
  8. Then only move the DSL modem and leave the satellite modem in place. Connect it using ethernet when your DSL is down. If you really want to use ICS, have at it! I've tried to set it up and it's a PIA!

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