Which SSD for desktop machine?

Hi there Im in the UK and keen to get hold of a SSD drive for my gaming rigs but almost everything I see is 2.5" PATA interface, can I get an adapter to run these on a desktop machine?

How does performance compare to SATA? Can anyone recommend a SSD drive suitable for a desktop machine? Im looking to spend upto "around" £300 per drive, capacity isnt too important will use standard hard disk for file storeage just want windows, and a couple of mmorpgs installed on the disk even 16gb or so would do me fine, although the bigger the better but speed is most important. Ive noticed that a lot of delays in mmorpgs seems to be loading data and objects I would be very interested to see what a ssd drive could do for this, also would be nice to see what windows on a ssd is like in the flesh.

The way the drives are working isnt accessing large amounts of sequential data, its lot of smaller amounts of information from far flung locations as far as I can see.
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  1. I recommend either Intel X25-V 40GB or Intel X25-M 80GB.
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