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I bought a new power supply for my pc and have what I am guessing is a dumb question, but I have to ask it. The current PS has a fan on the end of the unit that sucks air out the back of the cpu. Now, the new PS I bought has no fan on the end but on the top (the larger area of space) of the PS. I can mount the PS but the fan will be blowing in and not removing air out of the back of the cpu. Did I buy the wrong PS and should I purchase another that is configured just like the one the pc came with? Can the one I bought still be used or am I stuck? I hope that all makes sense. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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  1. If your new power supply has a large side fan, then you should be able to mount it so the fan faces the cpu. Those large fans will draw air towards the back of the case and away from the cpu. I use one in my antec case, and it's quieter than the case fans.
  2. I'm still confused. Once the PS is mounted the fan will be pointing to the side of the cpu not pulling air out the back. This is not a great PS from what I've read. The Ultra Xfinity 500w but for $20.00 it was what I could afford.
  3. Your ultra power supply (I have used the 400w version) draws air towards the power supply and out the back end. If you doubt my word, simply stick your hand behind the power supply and feel how much warm air is moving through it. This design has been around for years. I prefer it as a large fan can turn slower to move the same amount of air, so you usually get less noise.
  4. The Ultra is not rated as high quality, you get what you pay for! If your system uses more than 350W the Ultra may well struggle to keep stable, causing crashes or reboots. If it fails, it can take other (expensive) parts with it! If you have an 8800 video card check the temp of the air from the back of the PSU after a gaming session, if it gets hot you are pushing the PSU to its limit.

  5. Bro, the 120mm fan behind the cage is supposed to face the CPU, you are (somehow) installing it upside down. This sucks air past the CPU and out the back as o1die stated. Think about it a sec, it only makes sense. If it was facing up, you'd be loosing the added benefit of it helping keep the CPU cooler. I always assumed the screw placement wouldn't allow you to install it upside down, guess I was wrong.
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