Need some advice on settings in Nvidia Control Panel

Well, I know I made some configurations before I installed the latest beta-drivers that was released a couple of days ago, when the changes I made was put back to default settings. Thing is, I was guided through it so I can't really remember what I changed.

Could someone please tell me what I should change in the control panel to get best possible quality? I have a GeForce 8800GTS 640MB so I'd rather have quality over performance, at least 'till Crysis is released!

Probably something to do with AF, AA-settings. I've already changed Vertical sync to 'Force off'.

Help would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Err, sorry. Didn't know there was a preset for highest quality possible.
Anyway, the preset put 'Use the 3d application setting' for Vertical Sync. Is this the best option or should I just leave it on 'Force Off'?
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  1. Put application for vsync, AA and AF. Generally you want vsync on but some games dont use it I belive.

    Just set it to High Quality and most of hte other options become disbaled.
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