Is it possible to make a program show as a separate sound device

To clarify: I'm trying to record a game with a program that allows me to record multiple audio streams (on windows 7 x64). This is grand for catching mic input and game input, however, if I'm using my mic with teamspeak (for example) the people I'm talking to in teamspeak get recorded as part of the 'speakers' stream and thus inseprable from the game audio during editing. is it possible to (without external hardware) have the game audio show as a seprate sound device?

You can see the seprate programs in the mixer where you can individualy control their volume/ mute but you cant record them as seprate streams?
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  1. There is no easy way to do what you want to do. AFAIK, you would need to write your own dummy sound driver.
  2. I have actually done this. I used Virtual Audio Cable to do this, you need a fairly good computer though, since if your PC lags while playing the game the audio will distort and be ruined.

    First, make two VAC lines.
    Name one: Gamesound
    The other: TS3 Sound

    Now what you have to do is run a few streams.
    First, set the TS3 output audio device to TS3 Sound instead of speakers.
    Now, set the games output audio device to Gamesound instead of speakers.

    Then, go into the device manager and enable "listen to this device" for each of them.

    Effectively what this is doing is that none of the audio coming through your speakers is direct. All of it is redirected through it's specific channel. This way in your recording program you can have it record the TS3 sound AND the gamesound separately, and even be able to ignore the skype beeps or steam bloops.

    You'll still hear it all fine through your speakers, it just has one more pathway to go through that you can record from.
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