Seagate 160Gb external drive

Hi all,

i bought the above drive as a portable main storage hard drive for my mp3s, movies and photos etc. The set up was easy (plug and play) and everything is working fine re dragging and dropping new files into it.
I also wanted to use the drive to watch my films from using my xbox360 (connects with usb 2.0). The thing is the xbox wont reconize the drive, i have been told recently that the seagate would be in NSTC where as the xbox360 will only reconize FAT32 drives.
My laptop runs vista as its op sys.
I have tried converting the drive using power quests' partition magic but it keeps erroring out and not perfroming the operation.
Can anyone point me in the right direction so i can convert my drive to fat 32?
Also what are the pros and cons of the two formats ?

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  1. You will need to reformat the drive to get it in Fat32. You can do this in windows, at least in XP. Not sure if Vista will do Fat32. Backup everything before doing this as it will wipe the drive clean.
    Fat32 is not as efficient as NTFS but will work in windows. NTFS is better at security.
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