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Guys, I have looked most of the topics here and even the search engine, but I did not come acros a similar problem.

I am currently using an old 20 Gb HDD and a CD-RW which are both plugged into the primary IDE Slot.

I recently got a Seagate Baracude 160 Gb HDD and there is this weird thing going on when the system recognizes it. So, since I am using only the new HDD on the Secondary IDE slot, I removed the jumper at all. I start the PC, instantly hit Delete to go to the BIOS, and it displays the hard disk. I hit F10, Save and Exit, and then wait for it to boot windows. And the new hard drive is not there! I tried that disk management program, to see whether I need to use another letter for it, but it doesnt find it either! So i restart the pc again, and again hit Delete... and what do I see? The hard disc is gone from the BIOS too...

So i was wondering if there is anything that can help solve the problem? do you think the problem is with the motherboard? Do you think I should copy all the stuff from the old hard disc to the new one, and then remove the old one and put the new one on its place?
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  1. Try setting the jumper to the "Master" setting, see what that does. Some boards do have problems detecting drives if the jumper is not set. Once you get into Windows, and under disk management, the drive should show up, but as not active, or something like that. You have to format and set the drive to active. Windows will then automatically assign a drive letter.
  2. Try a different IDE cable also. I know Western digital drives dont use a jumper if the drive is by itself. Only used if using 2 drives.
  3. Be sure the disk is attached to the connector at the end of the IDE cable and not the middle one.
  4. With a Seagate hard drive, you want to set the jumper close to the IDE cable on to get it into master mode. With most drives, setting them as a slave usually doesn't cause any problems if there isn't a master connected. However, in the case of Seagate, I find that they don't work very well in slave mode without a master, as is the case when you set it with no jumper (slave mode).

    Good luck,
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