video capture card questions?

Greetings fellow future "Call of Duty 4" players,

I'm in the midst of building a new pc, MY FIRST dual core, nvidia 8800, far. I'm considering buying a video capture card, so i can turn me rig into a dvr. Anyone know anything about doing this? I need to know what card is reliable, does it come bundled w/ the software, etc. May have more questions as they arise. Any help would be appreciated. Will be running on XP pro.

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Hope this is the right area to post this question......if not could the mods please move to the correct area. thanks again.
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  1. buy hauppage card they are the best supported, I just got hvr 1600, i'm currently fiddling with sage tv - there's a 15 trial out with it.

    have fun!
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