Need some advice over clocking a 8800GT

I have BFG Overclocked 8800GT but I decided it may help my performance to overclock it abit more.

I have the Nvidia nTune and the monitor so I can read temps.

My cards idle temps are nForc 52 degrees C and GPU1 60 degrees C and thats with my Core bus at 675 Mhz and Memory is 900 Mhz.

I have very large case and 4 fans going right now. I also have a 700W PSU. So I don't think I have to worry about overheating and lack of power supplied to the card.

Does anyone have some good standard numbers the card can be turned up too? If not, and I have to experiment, what should I be looking out for? The temperature readings? If so, how do I know whats too hot?

Should I also adjust the fan? Right now its 29%/60 degrees C.
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  1. I run mine usually at 700 Core, 925 RAM. At load Im at around 65C with no issues. I've run mine as high as 715, 1000 with no issues and no extra heat, but I'm a wuss and set it back to 700, 925.
  2. Right now I have an Overclocked 8800gt running at 700/1726/925 core/shader/memory. I have the fan @ 60%. Idle is around 58C while playing Crysis it ran about 83C.

    Will I regret running the card like this down the road or are these all within normal boundaries? Have you played Crysis? Playing Crysis I've gotten 83C, anything else iusually floats around 70C.
  3. Hi
    Simple question.
    I just got a factory OCed 8800GT. Nice.
    Now what is a simple way to adjust the fan ? I just want to keep it high and cool..
  4. A program called Rivatuner is a great way to control the fan speed and overclocking.

    I've read to adjust it between 50%-70%.
  5. Well i got my xfx geforc 8600gt xxx oced to a blazing:

    751mhz core
    1604mhz shader
    1902mhz memory

    Degrees celcius

    with only a fan sitting on top of it and bio's fan control off so it sounds a little like a leafblower but i dont mind 7.1 surround drownds the fan sounds out. sounds like you guys run hotter than me... = (
  6. Thats becuase your card is the massively inferior 8600gt............
  7. if your serious about overclocking the GT & want seriously cool temps then get the Thermalright HR-03GT!
    my temps in crysis 46 MAX (34 idle)
    never goes 1 degree over!
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