Drive letter strangeness

On my old system, my HD OS partitons was C:, with other partitions starting at D: - G: and then Optical drives started after that.

For some reason on my new system, the OS is C: followed by DVDR at D: then all the partitions E-G. I'd like to change the DVDr to a letter AFTER my HD partitions. Anyone know an easy way to do this?

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  1. Go to computer management, then select disk management, right click on each drive and select the drive letters in the order you want them.

    you will have to clear the letters first if they are already in use, ie assign them a letter you wont be using then change back when letters are all assigned as required
  2. While you can change the drive letter as panicatak describes some programs will look for the drive they were installed from, e.g., Office, at least 2000, when you do updates you have to have the installation CD in the drive to do updates. If you don't map the drive with the changed letter, basically tells the system what was drive D is now drive X or whatever, it will not find the CD and you'll have to manually change where it is looking. Partition Magic has a wizard that does this. Don't know if Windows does or if there are free programs that do this. At least of the programs I run only Office 2000 requires the disk but I suppose it could affect games that require the CD after installation. This happens because during Windows installation it assigns C to the OS drive and D to the optical drive it's installed from so any partitions or drives will have letters after D. I always set my DVD drive to X, that way when I add a drive, flash drive, whatever, it's in sequence with the others and the DVD is always last
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