How much video power to use a 42inch HDTV in 1080i as computer monitor

Hey folks,

I was just wondering how much video card "power" was needed to have a smooth Windows Vista experience using a 42" LCD HDTV at 1080i resolution as the computer monitor? The computer will be running day to day tasks with a lot of video playback and occasional gaming. Will a 8600 do the trick or will have I have to jump to the 8800 series? What about ATI? thanks!
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  1. Depends on the resolution, size of the screen makes no difference.
  2. 1080i= 1920 × 1080
  3. I have 1080i plasma, the native resolution of this panel seems to be 1280x768.

    I say seems to be, as the manual says it's maximium resolution is 1280 x 1024 but when I set the computer to this resolution it looks interlaced, so I run it at it's native resolution.
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