Can I Raid 0 multiple Ramdisks?

I recently descovered RAMDisk and it is AMAZING! I already reached 5Gbs using a free RAMDisk Utility. The free version of this utility limits the size of the partition to 4Gb. Could i Raid 0 multiple 4Gb RAMDisks into one Raid 0 Ramdisk? The point here is to get more than 4Gb of working Ram Disk but if the speed increces too then that is just an added plus!! Or does anyone else know a free RamDisk utility that allows for a larger partition? Thanks

The Website i used was:
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  1. the speed would not increase by raiding two ramdisks because the ram is already functioning at full speed and it is not a bottleneck like hard disks are. With linux you can make a ramdisk using the ramFS or tmpFS filesystems. have you considered actually purchasing the Ramdisk product for $19 instead of trying to cheat the company since you are enjoying using it?
  2. Smells like Spam to me.
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