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Hi, I want to ask.Is it safe to overclock my CPU (P4 2.4 Ghz) with standard 500 watts power supply?.Do I need an expensive PSU to overclock my CPU?.The power supply have dual 12V rail which is 15A and 16A(I'm not sure if it dual 12V rail).

Here the spec:
Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz Socket 478 Prescott
Asrock P4i65G Motherboard
Winfast A7600GS AGP
Maxtor 160GB IDE Hard Disk
Sound Blaster Audigy Value Sound Card

So far I manage to overclock to 3.06Ghz by increasing the actual frequency from 133 to 170 at the BIOS.There are voltage option but I can't change the setting.I also run CPU-Burn in to test stability, and had no problem.I used stock cooler since my Vantec Aeroflow fan was broken.The idle temp is 45-50 something by looking at the BIOS.Full load I don't know since I don't have software for monitoring CPU temp.Also, this is first time I overclock my CPU.

Here are the CPU-Z picture:

Any suggestion I'll be appreciated.Thanks. :)
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  1. Download speedfan and Core Temp to monitor your temps and Prime95 to test for stability. Run the Torture test and select the small FTTs
  2. Ok, thanks for the help. :)
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