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I just built my computer 2 days ago. Everything was finally working fine. Was able to play games everything ran ok. Just 5 minutes ago, as I was shutting down the screen became all pixelated. I restart and while booting everything that was black is now green and and striped. then in windows everything is discolored and you can't really read anything. You can tell what is on the screen but its hard to read. I am running 2 8800gtx in sli. So i removed the bridge, same thing. Take out the 2nd card. Same thing. Replace the first with the 2nd and same thing. Any ideas?

Oh yeah motherboard is evga 680i-a1, 4gb ram, vista 32bit, evga 8800gtx.
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  1. You will need to try your cards in another mobo to see whether the problem lies with the cards or the mobo.
  2. Not what I wanted to hear, but thanks :)
  3. Does sound like the graphics card to me
  4. yes or the driver has something wrong (I've had the exact same thing and it turned out to be a driver issue. But I've also had the same thing happen and it was a fried Card :( o well thats why you go with evga or bfg with the lifetime warrantys , you can't got wrong
  5. It could be a monitor issue... Why not try hooking up a different monitor to it. I had a similar problem and I thought it was the video card but it turned out to be the monitor. Could have saved me a bunch of time.

    Did you say from as soon as you start your PC you get that same issue or is it only once you've gotten into the windows screen.
  6. monitor works with my other PC. It happens before the windows screen.
  7. Hi Alex, did you ever resolve this problem? I am having a similar problem with my dell laptop -- obviously i did not build this computer, but a few days ago, when i booted up, my screen came up green and pixelated. i can't figure out what's going on or what i might have changed to make this happen...

    any advice?
  8. Start a new thread.
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