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Need recommendation on free software to rip a site.

Hi guys and girls. I need to download the teaching resources in the school where I am trained in so I can use them for teaching my class in the future.

It is on the school's portal and I don't want to click and download (there are hundreds of work sheets and presentations).

Is there a good, easy to use and free program that can do a site rip? If the rip can preserve the site's structure, it would be even better.
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  1. If you have Firefox installed you can use an add on called Downthemall to download content from a site. I think their main website is down just now but have a look at their documentation / FAQs to see what you need to do.
  2. Have that already. It's not picking up the pdf, docx and pptx on the page. Any idea?
  3. Is there some file filter / mask on file names when attempting to download or something?
  4. Oh wait, it does pick up the files I want. But I have to navigate to the final folder level where the documents are to download them.

    That's 5 subjects, in three year level, each with 6-8 topics, thought in 3-4 component modules, and each module has its own accompanying power point slides, work sheets in pdf and MS word doc and maybe tests/exam paper...

    Ok, it may save me the time to click on the 5 or so worksheets, power point slides and test/exam within a module, but it still doesn't solve the fact that there are so many folder I have to navigate through.

    Do you know of a program that can auto navigate? I tried one site rip program but it doesn't support login/password, so I can't use it to do the job.
  5. Can't you ask the site administrator to zip them up for you? It should be easy. Much easier than trying to download them all yourself.
  6. Looks like that will be my final last resort. The IT department is rather lazy.

    Took 5 days (yap, 1 teaching/working week) just to set up my login account.

    The network is plagued with DNS and proxy server that times out frequently (had that happen during assembly and class), wifi black spots (the presentation rooms are kind of shielded and they can never get wifi, most of the other area is somewhere between 1-3 bar), there are way too many people using the wifi access point (3x 802.11n access point for about 400 staff and students which almost all having their own laptop and smart phone and same tablet), the wifi is not encrypted so I avoid using wifi like disease (can't handle encryption?).

    I told one of the teacher who is also frustrated with the situation that if I am the decision maker, I would let the IT team go.

    So I can't imagine how long it would take for them to perform this.
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    My bad on downthemall; I didn't realise it wouldn't do subdirectories!

    I've seen others suggest using wget or lftp under *nix but that's no help if you are using Windows! No idea if anyone has written Windows alternatives / added them to Cygwin.

    You may have to go with ijack's solution I'm afraid!
  8. Thanks guys. I think I am just going to try until I find something that works. Meanwhile if you found something that works well, please keep me posted (PM). Thank you.
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