Power to Overclock 3870's in crossfire

Just a quick question for all you guru's out there. I have a Hiper 580W SLI/Crossfire compliant PSU. Now i realize when you overclock you use more watts per component o/c'ed.

Is there a way or does anyone know how to work out, how much power i really need to handle a 6000+ @ 3.4 bout (160w-180w i think, i used some sort of overclock watt checker however old it was :heink: ) & getting two 3870's to (for the time being) the ATI Overdrive max at around 862MHz core?

I don't want to crack on, when i could face multiple problems all at once not just the normal artifact/hanging problems you get when o/c'ing your gfx card.

Thanks for reading, sorry if you think i'm being greedy trying to overclock this pair, but i think that any item i buy with my hard earned money should work at it's maximum capacity be it my motorbike, computer or missus :p.
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  1. I'm surprised a 580W can even handle 2x 3870s?
  2. How dare you sir, mock my mighty 580 PSU :kaola: . I'll have you know at one point i had 2x x1900xtx/xt running overclocked until the XT blew up. A mild temperature problem was the cause :sarcastic: .

    However this doesn't answer if i can overclock the 3870's without a PSU problem creeping up on me. Any more takers?
  3. You can overclock but don't push too far. and BTW tomsreview says 3870 loaded with AOE III 1600x1200 takes 265 watts... 2x265 = 530? 580 total and according to yoou 160w-180w for the 6000+ so... boom? idk what else to say
  4. Sounds like a PSU upgrade is due fairly soon :(. Saying that those 1000w ones are getting reasonabley cheaper.

    Well never mind, but thanks for the info on the 3870's load power usage :).
  5. very welcome :)
  6. PS. to anyone who reads this wondering what PSU two 3870 in crossfire needs. It handles a 580W (as the ATI website says) but I've just today had to put my CPU @ stock speed to get it to boot, so it is compliant however get a branded 700W+ to be able to overclock your CPU and 3870's.

    Well I guess we all live an learn :pfff: .
  7. I have a xion 600 watt ps and have E8400 @4008 1.34 volts,one 320 hd,x48 dfi board,x-fi sound card,20x,dvd combo drive,and 2x3870 oc editions running 900/2500,and have had no problems.mos time run cards and default 800/1170.
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