Help! High core temps??

I just built a computer:

antec 900
core2 e6750
zerotherm BTF90 UFO cpu cooler
x1950xt 512mb
gigabyte ds3r

It seems to be working fine, but when i measure CPU temps I get very scared..

Idle the temp seems to be about 40, which doesnt seem too bad, but as I run orthos, both cores start raising to like... 85-95 degrees... now i don't expect that is normal at all.. what has gone wrong, i DONT want to fry this rig.


Under load:

Please help me :(
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  1. Hmm, Speedfan, If you do the 15c offset thing then the temps will appear less scary, but if you offset them by 40c then they will look real sexy [:mousemonkey] . Better yet, use something like Everest because it just reads what the sensors are outputting.
  2. Yeah my cpu heatsink wasn't secured down hard enough.. fixed that, and ran Everest w/ Orphos running for 1 minute on a CPU stress test, and got this:

    Doesn't that still seem really high?
  3. That is very high, bordering on shutdown. A reseating of the HSF after a reapplication of thermal paste (make sure you clean off the old) may help, as running it with the HSF a bit loose might have 'cooked off' what was on there.
  4. It looks hot. try to re seat that heatsink and remember it only takes a little thermal compound.

    Also speedfan is off by 15C but not 15 too much it's 15 too low.

    Get Core Temp and if your cpu is one with a 100c thermal junction. then you need to add 15c to what speedfan gives you....

    Also make sure there is not fan speed control on(but your pic looks like full speed). the zerotherm BTF90(demon moth cooler :) ) should get your idles in the 40's or even 30's and loads under 65(more like 55)
  5. i uh... well. I feel very stupid.. i ummm....

    forgot the remove the "remove this before use" seal thing on the bottom of my btf90...

    Umm.. yeaaaa... well!

    Right now after 5 minutes of 100% CPU stress orthos, i'm at 40. It's not going up either ;)

    haha. wow

    Thanks alot!
  6. I take it you went for the reseat, good job [:mousemonkey:5] . I hope you have many happy hours on your cool running rig. [:mousemonkey:3]
  7. hahah yeah.. tahnks

    my cpu is at 15 right now with all my antec 900 fans on low.. i dont know why people complain about this case being loud.. i mean really, i can't hear it. when all the fans are on high, it makes a quite relaxing "whoosing" sound, like those relaxation tapes people buy..
  8. Thanks computronix, but performing measurements with the tools provided in that post resulted in similar, or more unbelievable temperatures.

    TAT recorded my cores as:
    core 0 = 12
    core 1 = 17


    core 0 = 25
    core 1 = 31

    at load w/ TAT for a minute or so:
    core 0 = 50
    core 1 = 55


    core 0 = 10
    core 1 = 15

    It's quite a cold night, but it's not that cold. Which of these temperatures can I trust? I plan to overclock my e6750 (g0 stepping) from 2.66 to 3.2 sometime soon, so this information could prove to be vital.

    Thanks alot!
  9. I was just doing cpu-intensive work and my computer shut down *sigh*, I can only assume it hit tjunction max, even though coretemp seems to be messing up my temperatures:

    Just now I looked in the coretemp logs and saw this:
    core0 core1
    2666.67 25 31
    2666.67 25 31
    2666.67 25 31
    2666.67 26 31
    2666.67 74 69
    2666.67 75 69
    2666.67 74 69
    2666.67 75 69
    2666.67 75 69


    Ambient = No thermometer, I'd say about 23 degrees.
    Chipset = P35
    C2D = E6750 Stock
    CPU Cooler = Zerotherm BTF90 w/ AS5
    Frequency = 2.66 GHZ
    Load = TAT/Orthos/mem-leaking flashget
    Motherboard = Gigabyte DS3R
    Vcore = ~1.120 V

    Of course this shutdown could have been due to a graphics card error or something.

    Thank you so much for your help. Although Calibrations should make some difference, my CPU should still have no reason to get that hot.
  10. :) thank you.

    I agree about that shutdown, I have been running TAT for 20 minutes on both cores, while listening to music, browsing the web, etc, and my temperatures in core temp have never gone about 56 in either core. In speedfan, not above 41 in either core. Everest is recording about 55 in both cores, and 42 as a general CPU temperature.

    Do you think these are stable and reliable temperatures? I will change m y BIOS soonish :)

    Thank you for your help,
  11. Good to see its going....
    How melted was that plastic?

    If you go under configure in speed you can get the temps accurate

  12. Alright i'll do a proper calibration later.

    The plastic was not melted what so ever, which was lucky on my part.

    You want me to offset the speedfan temperatures by 15 degrees? Why are they so inaccurate? I thought it would be as simple as measuring the output of a thermometer inside.
  13. xorbit said:
    Alright i'll do a proper calibration later.

    The plastic was not melted what so ever, which was lucky on my part.

    You want me to offset the speedfan temperatures by 15 degrees? Why are they so inaccurate? I thought it would be as simple as measuring the output of a thermometer inside.

    That would be far too easy. ;) Personally I wouldn't trust any software that needs to be 'adjusted' so that it read correctly.
  14. My concerns with the guide are exactly as stated. I don't trust any software that has to be 'adjusted' so that it reads correctly.
  15. I agree with Mousemonkey. Something 'out of the box' should work 99% of the time. I bought an ATI(only one I ever bought, and will never buy again) card and 8 of my 9 games I tried to play required 'patches' to work with my card. They weren't absurdly old and were all popular, yet I needed patches for everything.

    Although, it did sound like mousemonkey was trying to start a flamewar, I don't think that was his intention, and if you read his text without reguard to emotion I think you'll find the same :).


    xorbit said:
    Alright i'll do a proper calibration later.

    The plastic was not melted what so ever, which was lucky on my part.

    You want me to offset the speedfan temperatures by 15 degrees? Why are they so inaccurate? I thought it would be as simple as measuring the output of a thermometer inside.


    The answers to your questions are already addressed in the Guide.

    Comp :sol:

    Yeah, you might think of this as a flame, but take it as you want:

    So you had a problem, posted for help. Several people gave you info. You found out that you screwed up and left the plastic on. I'm sorry, but that's just a big mistake. I think i'd deny it ;). You've been on this site 2 months, and I bet I could find links to at least 10 people that have complained about their CPU being too hot. I bet almost every single one will give over and over tons of replies as to how to install your heatsink and your thermal paste. I've linked the AS5 guide at least once. Yet, you chose to ignore other's problems, the manual for your MB, the manual for your CPU(assuming you had one), the manual for your heatsink(assuming you had one), PLUS the manual for thermal paste(assuming you had one). I'd expect that you'd have noticed at LEAST 3 of these 5. Your mistake was a dumb one. I don't hold that against you since we all do dumb things every now and then. Blonde moments are called 'blonde moments' for a reason. My problem is that you clearly don't listen/read very well. You ignored all the guides, then ignored the link that was provided kindly by Computronix and only asked more questions that were provided in the link! I'm sorry but I use the search button like crazy before I post. You seem to post cause it was convenient. Well guess what? It's INconvenient for me to have to sit here and point out things that YOU should be doing BEFORE you post. I don't think there's much more I hate about forums than people that want to post their questions and are too lazy to try the search button or even read a link that was provided to answer your question! Instead you jump in with another question. Do yourself and the rest of us a favor and use the search button. There's alot more people on this site that I'd rather help that actually COULDN'T find their answer with the search button.

    Now, being the nice guy that I am I'm gonna give you the information that you need to fix yourself since you couldn't read posts, manuals, or a link(but we'll pretend you actually CAN use the search button, but it sure is far fetched eh?).

    And now the answers to your problems, conveniently in a form you don't know how to use:

    Don't hurt yourself. I know it's gonna be hard to click on something and read it and maybe learn something, but it won't kill you. I promise!

    Now, you should also read up on forum etiquette before you think of posting again. No, I will not provide a link as I'm deliberately forcing you to use a search button.

    -Cyberjock :)
  16. Thank you so much for your help Comp, I have read the guide and I plan to reread it and step through it when I find some time.

    @cyberjock: there's no need to be so scathing. I did not ask for help installing my heatsink or applying thermal paste, and yes, I read the instructions for both my CPU and heatsink. My paste came OEM. I thought I had done everything correctly, so I asked for help. I made a mistake, but I don't believe that warrants a complete flame on me. Yeah, I didn't search beforehand, on this forum, at my problem. Spoon fed information that has already been provided? My problem was resolved, and it was due to my own carelessness. The thread could have ended there, but I asked a few other questions about the nature of my temperatures. Sorry I didn't search for every one of those. I have no problem with constructive critisism, but you seemed to have just been trying to flame me. Really dude, don't act so high and mighty. Hardware is not my thing particuarly, but I'm sure if you came into a forum in a subject I'm learned in specifically, and asked some careless question on compilers or such, I'd treat you with a lot more respect that you are me.

    And I read the guide. If needed, and I still have a problem, I will come back for help.

  17. xorbit said:
    Thank you so much for your help Comp, I have read the guide and I plan to reread it and step through it when I find some time.

    You missed my point. It wasn't meant as a flame, although I agree that's what it sounds like. You didn't read the information that was provided. That was my point. You asked another question before you read the guide. The forum is posted in chronological order for a reason. You shouldn't be posting a comment until you are familiar with all of the information provided on the previous posts. You didn't do this nor did you try the search button. That's all I was saying. Life in general is SO much easier when you are self sufficient with the tools that are provided to you. In this case the search button was your savior. Yet you chose not to use it.

    Computronix's guide is plenty thorough(and for some people more than they care or need to know). Myself personally however, I have extensive knowledge in heat transfer and fluid flow theory. Learning about this stuff is fascinating, and I would bet i'm 1 of only a handful of people that can read Computronix's guide and thorougly appreciate and understand the vast amount of information that is provided. If a friend asked me about calibrating, I'd tell him to just do the steps in the guide. It's accurate and through and if you just follow the calibration steps you'll be fine. To me though, it's all about the gobs of information and understanding it more. What is my 'goal' in this forum. Read Computronix's guide and understand what he did and why he did it. Then when Joe Schmuck asks a question that's over his head in temps I try to answer it. I don't expect everyone to rush to college and learn about materials, heat transfer, and electricity. I do HOPE that people understand when they're in over their head and ask questions, after they've tried to search. Often they don't know the keyword to search and there's a double post, but that's not always the case. It should be the norm not the rarity for a double post to be because someone didn't know the computer term to search for.

    I do apologize for it sounding as a flame xorbit, but I get kind of irate when I'm looking at a post that could have probably been fixed if they read previous posts. This is the sole reason I don't try to write guides. I know I'm good at it, but I seriously doubt it would cut back on the number of posts about the topic. People don't want to read and learn. People are becoming lazy, not seeing their exact problem verbatim, so posting a new thread. I'm still waiting for that 'CPU overheating' post where everything was actually done correctly, yet the CPU is still about to burn itself up!
  18. Then we had a misunderstanding.

    Yes, I acknowledge my mistake of not looking into the proper literature, and I too get irate when people ask me obvious questions. I will again repeat that my original issue was a bunk one, that I made a silly mistake, and that's that of it. I think this thread should be closed, if I need help after analyzing what I did (which I honestly did, and couldn't understand why my temperatures were originally so high -- again my error of leaving on the label), I will make another post to address it. The posts after my original issue was solved were more of a general query in a way I'd ask a friend who I'm in a conversation with about something. No harm done (except to possibly my poor e6750).

    I'd love to delve into heat dynamics and more complicated hardware issues, the closed I've got to a study of hardware is ring0 ;)
  19. Thank you cyberjock for reading me correctly, I was just stating my personal feelings on that particular piece of software.
    @ CompuTronix I apologise if I did offend you mate, that was not my intent.
  20. soooo much writing....speedfan needs the increase because when they wrote it all core 2 cpus had a TJ of some have 100C

    the temp is derived by asking the cpu how close to its TJ it is.
    The cpu says 50 and the software does the math


    But if the cpu has a TJ of 100 its really


    It's not speeds fans fault per say. it just does not know how to ask the cpu for its you add 15 to get it to go

    How far cpu?
    cpu says 50

    35 + 15 = 50....its all good now....

    New SpeedFan software may well be able to get the TJ, but for now it takes 30 seconds to tell speedfan to add 15 only on cpu's with 100c for the TJ....and i like the speed control options and VGA/HDD temps as well.

    One last option is RivaTuner as there is a plug-in for it to read cpu and HDD temps as well.

    @ CompuTronix - Glad to see you still around spreading you MASSIVE core 2 temp related knowledge....
  21. ev4eryone take it easy...
  22. Correct... i just call it the same as Core Temp to make it easy for people...i may have some old posts where i called it TJMAX...but it sounded confusing to people who would see tj not tjmax....
  23. New solution.... send everyone to your guide....
  24. cyberjock said:
    I'm still waiting for that 'CPU overheating' post where everything was actually done correctly, yet the CPU is still about to burn itself up!

    Haha, I had that problem with my old 3500+ Venice... The thing idled at 50c with stock hs/f, and hit about 75-80c under load, even though I had checked the proc, put the right amount of AS5, cleaned both the heatsink and the chip, and remounted the heatsink about three times. Replaced the thing with an X2 4200+, and it idles with the same HS/f at 32c, load at 45c.

    Anyway, enough of my ranting, glad to see you got eveything worked out, Xorbit. I almost did the same thing with a client's PC one time, caught myself just in time. xD :lol:
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