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how do i transfer a dvd onto my hard drive then get that movie back onto a dvd in dvd format?
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  1. DVDshrink
  2. 1. Create a folder in hard drive with name of the movie/title. (eg. IRONMAN)
    2. Copy & paste both AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folders inside the folder created in hard drive.
    3. If you want to play the movie, select the source as the folder IRONMAN. Your player will recognize & play.
    4.If you want to burn it back on dvd to VideoDVD format means, In the buner (Eg.NERO), select the type of disc to burn as VIDEO DVD, and select the VIDEO_TS folder inside IRONMAN.
    5.Your burning software will automatically detect the .IFO&.BUP files & Video dvd is burned.

    No special software is required here except DVD burning software.
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