Overclocking Q6600 on Foxconn X38A

I know this is probably a popular question but I need help overclocking a Q6600!

I'm going to help my friend overclock his new Q6600 G0 stepping CPU on a Foxconn X38A mobo. I have no idea how to overclock this CPU and havent even looked at the bios yet. Anybody have the same set up as he does. This is a brand new build and we are putting it together right now and want to begin overclocking in the next few days.

What do I start with for software (ie prime95, cpu-z)???????

Are we just raising the voltage and FSB like on older A64s. For example I overclock my 3500+ by raising FSB from 200 MHZ to 242 MHZ or 2.2 to 2.64 and raising voltage from auto to 1.55. Is this how new CPUs like the Q6600 work?

Once again I have no idea how to overclock a new quad core and what some of the stuff you guys are talking about like 400x9 (I'm assuming that is memory... I have never messed with memory when overclocking... I've only changed FSB and voltages) so I really need some education and some pointers here.

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  1. read the sticky at the top of this forum
  2. Thanks m1ddy, but I know that he is really asking if anyone has directly had experience using the Foxconn X38A and its overclocking capabilities. Or, "Gladiator BIOS" offered with the mobo?

    It is actually my new build he is referring to. I have read a review of the X38A stating that it was limited in its overclocking ability ( http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/view.php?cid=6&id=2400 ), but some of the terms are new to me.

    For example, the site states the overclocking setting are as follows,

    FSB Settings: 266MHz to 800MHz
    Memory Settings (FSB:MEM Ratio): 1:2, 1:2.4, 1:2.5, 1:3, 1:3.3, 1:4
    PCIe Settings: 100MHz to 200MHz
    PCI Settings: 33.6MHz, 37.3MHz, 42MHz
    CPU Voltage Settings: +12.5mV to +387.5mV (in 12.5mV steps)
    Memory Voltage Settings: +0.032V to +0.892V
    NB Voltage Settings: +0.032V to +0.380V
    SB Voltage Settings: +0.037V to +0.424V
    Multiplier Selection: Yes (unlocked CPUs only)

    and goes on to say,

    "The Foxconn X38A motherboard performed decently in our overclocking tests, but is not exactly an outstanding overclocker. Foxconn's latest BIOS overclocking module, called the Gladiator BIOS, is responsible for all the overclocking functions. On paper, the Gladiator BIOS does offer up some impressive voltage ranges and stepping modes, but we were unable to really push the board to the speeds that we're familiar with. The maximum stable FSB overclock achievable on our X38A sample was 430MHz, well below the 480-500MHz upper limit we usually see with enthusiast boards based on Intel's Broadwater or Bearlake series of chipsets."

    I don't know how to interpret that?

    * note, the board tested in the review was a pre-production board, and the set-up has been modified, as shown in the pictures from the review site.

    With the potiential of the BIOS, and aside from the obvious heat limitations, just using the specs above, should I be able to hit 3.6Ghz and higher in theory?

    I will be using a liquid cooling system (Asetek LCLC) and don't foresee any heat problems reaching 3.6Ghz, I just want to be sure that the specs will allow it. ie "FSB Settings: 266MHz to 800MHz".

    Thanks for any and all advice.

  3. I realize that their is a sticky but like mentioned I want to know if anyone has had any specific experience with the Q6600 on a foxconn x38a.

    Is that your platform too stoke?

    The comp should be finished and ready for overclocking tomorrow. What do you set your multiplier too and memory timing? What are your overclocking specs?
  4. I have a foxconn x38a with a q6600.

    I was able to get it runnig smoothly at 3.6ghz on air with a fsb of 400hmz. I had no heat issues, but the north bridge seems a tad hot even at stock speeds. I didn't push it any further, but I'm planning to rebuild the setup with new fans, a new lapped heatsink, and lapping the cpu since I know it's solid.

    I'll let you know in a month or so how it turns out, but I had no troubles getting 400x9 from this combo.

    Also, there are some people who have had better luck with this board than the above review. I'm hoping for 500x8 on air for my machine.


    "Starting at 333 MHz FSB the motherboard clock speed was increased in small 5 MHz increments. Without much difficulty the Foxconn DigitaLife X38A passed the 400 MHz mark. At 430 MHz the NB voltage needed a slight bump, to 0.2V above stock. That stabilized the motherboard and allowed it to go higher.

    At 485 MHz the motherboard again started to show signs of instability, this time the voltage had to be increased 0.3V above stock. That allowed the Digitalife X38A motherboard to pass the 500 MHz barrier! Here's yet another awesome overclocking Intel X38 Express motherboard!

    The Foxconn DigitaLife X38A motherboard overclocked to an amazing 555 MHz FSB and that is the highest we've ever pushed a motherboard! MSI, Asus and Gigabyte better watch out... Foxconn is taking names and kicking things up a notch!"
  5. While you're experience and advice is much appreciated, this thread is more than 3months old. I would assume the OP has solved his problem.
  6. istoke was who the build was for. He is a buddy of mine. He has done some experimenting around with the mobo and quad core and is still experimenting around with it.

    I'm sure he'll see this and get back into it as I'm sure he was only able to stably clock to 3.5ghz but not 100% sure about that.

    We will look over his build again and after some tweaking get that sucker up to the max it will allow. Has anyone had any experience with the bios flash for this board and know what it fixes or supports?
  7. Eh, stupid google.

    Sorry for the necro thread, I wasn't paying attention.
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