Trouble with E6550, need some help

I'm trying to overclock E6550 and having some problems. Specs are as follows.

E6550 G0
P5N32-E Sli
CORSAIR TWIN2X2048-8500C5D DDR2-1066
Thermalright XP-120
Thermaltake 750w

I have oc'd this to 2.88 and that's the last I can get it stable. (7 x 410)
(Edit) Memory is at 547 x 2 = 1094 (3:4)

Vcore is at 1.4625
Cpu VTT at 1.35
NB Core at 1.55
DDR2 at 2.1

At 2.88 my cpu temp is about 35c-40c at idle and 55c-65c running Orthos. System is 33c-35c

Any ideas how I can push this further ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have the same CPU running at 3.33 with bus speed 476, rated FSB at 1908, core voltage at 1.41250. I had to unlink the memory as it wouldn’t take the speed. Suggest you get the CPU cranked up and stable before you try to work the memory.
  2. This motherboard only lets me raise vtt by .5 So 1.35, 1.40, 1.45. At 1.40 and FSB of about 1900 it locks up while trying to load windows. 1 out of 20/30 tries will get me to windows but will freeze up seconds later.
  3. I think you need to determine if it’s a CPU or memory limitation that’s stopping your progress. I would crank up a memory divider trying to keep memory at stock speeds. If you’re BIOS allows you do unlink the memory from the CPU even better. Maybe one of the OC pros will have some ideas for you.

    You’re volts look high to me.
  4. I can't imagine it being memory. Is it possible that it's my motherboard? Strange thing I noticed the other day.. if I run that AI Boost from Asus, it has a bar which shows your current speed.. 2.33 would be green, 2.88 is almost red and 3.2 would be red all the way. Anyone else with Asus.. is that a common thing where it would seem as 3.2 would be max in that program ?
  5. 2.88 is already good for this mobo.
    It's a connectivity problem with the memory and the board.
    Memory is good, it's the mobo. I had a gigabit board before and couldn't overclock ****!

    I got a PK5-E asus mobo and it runs my E6550 at 2.8 without any voltage increase! vtt at 1.4, runs at 3.2, very stable

    Otherwise just leave it at 2.88 it already good enough.
    The G0 revision overclocks at 3.6 easily, again with the right board
    Make sure u got a good cooler!
  6. I know i am ressurrecting this topic, but...

    I have this mobo and this cpu too, and I wanna know if I buy a really good cooling system for the NB and SB, should I take the FSB much higher?

    I know the P5K series are the top for overclock but this board is very well equiped too and i don't really understand why I can't make things go crazy here.

    Should it be just the overheating from SB and NB? If this is solved maybe I can make it?

    Thanks in advance!
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