P35-DS3P - Unable to detect IDE

system spec:

CPU - E4300
RAM - OCZ DDR2 800 HPC 2 x 1GB
M/B - GA-P35-DS3P, rev. 1.1, bios F4
HDD - SeaGate 320GB SATAII (brand new, no formats..etc)
DVD - Pioneer DVD+/-RW IDE

Ok, my problem is as follows: Just assemebled the parts and want to do a fresh XP install. I can get past posting and bios, but the motherboard does NOT recognize the IDE drive. I've tried cross testing my DVDRW with other systems, changing the drive, the UDMA cords, molex plugs..etc., but the bios just won't detect. My bios settings are set as follows -

my new SATA2 drive is on the yellow SATA port 0.
Turn on and go into your Bios

Boot Device 1. CDROM 2. HDD

Then under "Integrated Periph."
From the top-
SATA/RAID "Disable" ,
SATA Port 0-3 Native Mode "Enable"
ONBOARD SATA/IDE Device " Enable"
Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode "IDE"

I have tried changing the SATA/RAID options, the SATA Port 0-3 Native Mode settings, but nothing seems to work. Also, I am wondering where should the optical drives show up in the Bios? Since the CMOS section only shows HDD.

Thanks for your time,

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  1. try the drive without a jumper and on its own without anything else connected to the IDE cable
  2. I'll take out the cable select and tried, ty for the reply, I presume you have a DS3P as well~? If so, where should the IDE optical drives show up in bios?? TY~
  3. I updated the bios to the newest F6 and tried basically everything I can think of (cable select, one ide drive at a time, change all the related settings...etc), and the drives are still ott showing up...
  4. thx for trying to help guys, I'm at wit's end, but I just came across this discussion, do you guys think it's worth a shot? It talks about how ICH8 chipsets removed native IDE support and on new mobos, the IDE connectors are actually converted from S-ATA. This, I guess is the issue with my GA-P35-DS3P which used Gigabyte Sata2

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