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Recently, I've been upgrading my computer to be able to run the more high-end games, but I had a question. Does the motherboard actually effect performance/speed or is it simply the "bridge" between components of your computer. For instance, if I changed motherboards, but kept every other component the same would I notice a difference in performance at all? (assuming that the motherboard is compatible)
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  1. If u see MOTHERBOARD benchmarks , u will realize that the difference between them is very few in tests , (for example in gaming , tge difference isnt noticeable ) the main components which make alot of difference are VGA and CPU

    so i dont think u wont see a noticeable difference
  2. What is your current setup? What are you trying to accomplish with trading out mobo's? Do you have a budget, or is this just a general question?

    I don't think you'll see any difference if you change out the mobo from one manufacturer to the other.
  3. Note: Some motherboards support better OverClocking features than others. This can significantly effect performance if you OC. The cheapest boards often have little if any OCing features. However, most boards except the absolute cheapest usually have sufficient OCing features for most folks.
  4. Agreed with the others. If you spend, say, $200 on a new motherboard you'll gain (or lose) 3 fps. It's a waste of good money. The best bang for the buck is here:
    - add RAM if you don't have 2 GB already
    - better video card (for example 8800 GTS 320 is a fantastic value)
    - better CPU (I like Q6600 and E6750, good value there too)
  5. Thanks for the help guys. Honestly I just wanted to know because I have to decide either to buy a whole new setup which has a more up to date socket and PCIE or to just find a good 754 socket cpu.
  6. Oops! I had assumed you already had socket 775 or AM2 and PCI-E. Wrong...

    Yes, you will need a new motherboard before you replace the CPU or the video card.
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