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Well i have a worksheet with 30 thousand rows and 3 columns. I need to use this formula =+A1:A27202&":"&B1:B27202&":"&C1:C27202 on each row,but i dont know how,and doing it by hand would be too much time consuming.When i select the D row and paste the formula it says 'Data on the clipboard is not the same size and shape as the selected area'.Well if i would find a solution to that,i would also need to transfer the D column(the formula column) with the information not the formulas to a .txt file.
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  1. Alright i know how to make apply it to the whole column,but it gives me the same information for every cell.example
    A1.Steve result: Steve:Bob
    A2.Sophie result: Steve:Bob
    B2 Steward
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