so i have had a stable OC in XP of 3200MHz (8*400 FSB) for half a year now with a E6600.

Recently i changed to vista :fou: x64 for dx10 and +4GB support and i am unable to get into windows on 3.2GHz.

at first i wasn't even able to complete the POST, it stopped just before the ramtest. then i changed the ram to SPD and the post completes but i do not get into windows no matter what i try.

here are my settings :
4*1GB OCZ ATI edition
raptor 150
8800 GTS 640

in xp stable:

cpu ratio = 8
FSB = 400
Vcore = 1.375
VMch = 1.65
Ram = 400MHz 4-4-4-12 1.95V

in :pfff: vista (stable) :
cpu ratio = 9
FSB = 333
Vcore = 1.35
VMch = 1.65
Ram = 400MHz 4-4-4-12 1.90V

in :pfff: vista (not stable, can't even get into windows, it hangs at the boot screen) :

cpu ratio = 8
FSB = 400
Vcore = tried 1.385 and 1.4
vMch = 1.75
Ram = 400MHz SPD 2.00V

does enybody know what i can change in my bios to make it work,
because the difference between ddr2-667 and ddr2-800 bandwith is immense.
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  1. thats the worst post topic ever
  2. i know and i made a new one and explained my error
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