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Hey so i have been thinking about switching to an oil cooled rig and it got me thinking why not use the cooling liquids used for water cooling systems. If anyone knows anything relating to the topic any help is apreciated.
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  1. I'm a bit of a water cooling noob, but from what I'm reading... it looks like if some liquid coolant hits your board then you're going to short it out. I know mineral oil works because it's not electrically conductive, but I'm not sure if liquid coolant shares the same properties.
  2. You'd have to use the non-conductive coolants like PC ICE or Fluid XP. I use PC ICE as my coolant of choice and I can attest to it's non-conductive properties.
  3. I am just wondering because we always see people using mineral oil and i want to know what else i can use because i am interested in trying this out.
  4. Let's see some pics of your submerged systems; and specs; and temps and such. Your general opinion on the matter
  5. I use mineral oil. THG used vegetable oil. Transformer oil is generally mineral oil based. I considered mineral oil based hydraulic fluid, but decided against it due to detergents in the fluid. There are some more exotic/expensive options out there, one from 3M. Basically, as phreejak mentioned, it has to be non-conductive. Mineral oil was my least costly option. Always do a test with a multimeter before you chuck your MB in anything, however.

    Here's a link to some exotic 3M stuff, for entertainment value -
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