P5n-e Sli Motherboard freezes at cpu check in startup

A friend of mine is having some strange trouble with his computer.

When you start the computer the following happens:

1. The screen where the Nvidia screencard information stands comes to the screen.
2. The bios - power on self test starts.
3. The bios version stands, and it starts the test.
4. It says that it have foun Intel Core Duo 2 QUAD cpu
5. After this it freezes, it would not go any further, and you cant press "del" or "f8"

After some reboots and power offs you can get it booting an entering windows.

Ones it enters windows the computer is perfect, no problem playing the new tiger wood, or surfing the net.

The temperatur of the cpu is around 47Celcius.

So what can couse this tricky problem?

I have so far tried:

1. Startup without dvd rom.
2. Startup with only one DDR RAM inserted, and switched them around.
3. Gone over all power cables, that they are propaly mounted.
4. Testet different sata ports for the sata main hd.
5. Unhooked the cabinett fans

The computer is this:

Corsair Twin2x 5400 ddr2 2048 mb
XFX Geforce 8600 GT
LG DVD Burner GSA-H54N
Samsung spinpoint 500gb SATA2 HD
ASUS P5N-E SLI Hovedkort
Intel Core Duo 2 Quad Q6600 cpu
North Q Power supply 500W
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  1. 1) Was Windows installed on this computer as it is, or was a hard drive with Windows already on it added to the computer? If the latter, you will need to do at least a "repair install" of Windows so it can install the proper files for the MB hardware (the Hardware Abstraction Layer).
    2) Check with the MB maker's website to see if the Q6600 CPU is supported on this MB.
  2. 1. Windows was installed after the computer was assambled
    2. The cpu shall be supported
  3. I'd try running memtest86+ to make sure there's not a problem with the RAM. I've never heard of "North Q" power supply, so it may be a low-quality power supply and causing problems.
  4. I kno this thread is old but if anyone stumbles upon it and found and answer let me kno. I have the same motherboard as the poster and am having the same problem. The motherboard fails at the self test and shows the CPU and bios then does not show ram and keyboard stops function and cannot enter bios or continue to windows. It works after a few reboots sometimes perfectly just like the posters.
  5. ive had the same problem with the above q6600 and p5n-e-sli and narrowed it down to booting with too many usb ports being used i now only boot with what i need plugged in and i get perfect boots every time so try not leaving ext hdd's and game pads plugged in when starting your pc hope this helps any body else with the same probs - sorry about bringing this thread up again cheers - jb
  6. That CPU requires a Bios update for proper stability. The older bios had issues there.
    Update the bios to xx06. Also re-boot at least 3x after the new bios is installed to capture the MB's proper new timings and memory config.

    -1st boot, sees the change.
    -2nd boot, preserves the change in scope to the hardware.
    -3rd boot, Assures any needed changes are now in place and preserved.

    Subsequent boots are now stable.
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