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Good beginner level desighn software and 3d modeling?

im looking for a good begginer software to make videogame levels, i dont plan on making a game i just want to make levels as a hobby but am having no luck finding anything.also im looking for a 3d rendering software so i can take deisghns for things on paper and put them in digital 3d models. right now my pc is a amd quadcore with 8gb ram and onboard graphics. soon it will be a 2500k at 4ghz 8gb ram and a 7970 or gtx680 if the shortage stops
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    Hey man,

    It really depends on what game/engine you want to build levels for but I could make a suggestion...

    You could try downloading the Skyrim Creation Kit from Steam. This is really only useful if you have the game, of course. You will find plenty of info on YouTube regarding how to use it.

    Torchlight 2 will also feature a level editor but is yet to be released.

    As for the 3D software, try - it's free to use non-commercially.

    Another free 3D app that you may find useful and fun is - Check it out.

    Your proposed system should run these programs pretty well.

    I hope this helps and good luck with your hobby. :D
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