Seagate HDD Need Recomendation

I need opinions on which of these Seagate HDD's to get for a new build. (all new components)
I will be putting in 3 HDD's. I dont know the difference among the three. Will be using it for graphics work, DVD/CD burning, some video, and a game or two.

Edit: These will NOT be used in a raid configuration.
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  1. The ES series is really "industrial" strength, which for the average user is overkill. Comparing the other 2, unless you're going to use the features of the SV35.2, e.g., two camcorders, etc, your best bet is the ST3320620AS. Have a couple of these and do video editing and they work well. If your using one of these for your OS/programs, suggest you partition it using the 1st for the OS/programs and the 2nd for data or backup
  2. Many thanks guys.
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