Problems installing fresh copy of XP

Hello all,

Having 2 errors pop up during XP installation.

I am installing on NFTS, with new partition.

57-60%, 2 errors occur
cant copy rpcrt4.dll or shell32.dll files.

How do i continue or fix?
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  1. Take a soft cloth and and a few drops of water. Try to clean any dirt or smudges off the disc.

    Use some duster to blow out the DVD tray.
  2. Hello'

    I've already tried cleaning/wiping the disc.

    There is nothing on it' no scratches/smudges.

    Any other suggestions?

  3. hello,

    you have to change your xp bootable cd . because i thing your bootable cd is currepted so it give error.


  4. Is this a new hard drive?

    Try downloading the diagnostic tool from the manufacturer's website to check the drive for errors.

    If you've got another CD/DVD drive, try using that one instead.
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