Best security for me?

Which security do you guys suggest these days? I have used Norton in the past, and almost feel like Norton is a virus in itself. It wouldn't let me install games or download Windows updates or anything. I don't go to questionable websites or anything of that nature, but do online gaming.
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  1. The Norton 2012 software is good and i run games all the time with no issues.Gdata products are good too.
  2. Do you have the Norton subscription. Granted that was probably in 2009 when Norton gave me so many issues, it almost made me skeptical of trying their services again. Especially since I will be putting it on a brand new machine. I've never heard of Gdata. Is that something I can get from a retail store?
  3. Yes i purchased norton on amazon.the last two years they revamped all their security software.
  4. Is it very user friendly? Install and forget program? Also, if I get Norton, should I consider any other form of protection, or will Norton have everything I need?
  5. Yes very user friendly!
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