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I've got a Kworld dvb 250u usb card for watching freeview digital tv on my pc.I had it working but done a fresh install of windows xp pro service pack2.Now i can't get it working again.I've installed the software and when i try watching tv it come up with this error message "Cannot init Direct show interface" . :( Does anyone have ANY ideas on how to resolve this.I would appreciate any responses which would help me as i've been pulling my hair out over this and haven't got much left as it is anyway :pt1cable:
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  1. What OS are you running? Heard some issues w/ Windows MCE...
  2. See if there's any Directx9 updates.
  3. Hmm..Cannot initialize direct show?...Although I don't know what freeview digital is try this..

    Seems like you don't have a directshow decoding...Try download and installing this. Although it has been known that directshow installations can basically take over your media viewing...They are basically video decoders that can decode ANY format...You just setup the formats you want it to decode and the formats you don't at the beginning of the installation...but give this a go..


    Give that an install and it should fix the problem..If it doesn't post back.
  4. Hi thanks for your replies buy have still not had any luck sorting it out.I have direct x 9c and the latest graphics drivers.Its a common problem from what i've found looking through forums but still no one had found an answer.It worked before i freshly installed windows and it might just be easier to give up but if anyones had the same problem and sorted it i'd appreciate a post
  5. Are you running dual display? I've seen directshow and directx problems with the following scenarios:

    1. Running dual display
    2. Running inside a VMWare workstation
    3. Running another 3D application in the background
    4. Old version of DirectX

    With #4, 9.0c is the latest, kinda. If you go to microsoft's directx site, they publish a monthly DirectX update. I've installed it on a few occasions. I'm not sure what changes on the updates, but every month a new one comes out with a small rev number change. My guess is it's just bug fixes. Go get the one for Sept 2007 and install that.

    Why did you choose to do a fresh install if it was working before?
  6. I did a fresh install because i had a problem with my taskbar and desktop icons not showing up.i have the lates updates on all fronts and my pc is configured the same as before as far as i know.I am not a complete newbie and build computer systems regulary but this problem has stumped me.I've ordered a new and different make usb tv stick now to see if this solves mt problems
  7. oh and i'm not running a dual display either
  8. Have you tried to do anything that uses DirectShow to see if that program will error out too? I did a wikipedia lookup of directshow and it says Windows Media Player uses directshow. Can you watch videos and listen to music in WMP? I would be lying if I told you I know alot about Direct(fill in the blank). The DirectX family is something I know enough to keep myself out of trouble. I'm just hoping maybe I'll give you an idea that'll maybe help you solve this problem if my ideas don't work.

    Since you said you aren't a newbie I'd assume you've tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything(probably multiple times out of anger) hoping it would suddenly start working.

    Also, when you set up your USB tuner stick it probably goes through a wizard to set up your TV channels and stuff. Does it work fine when the wizard is running?

    Have you tried running dxdiag? Can you post the log file that dxdiag gives?
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