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Install without CDROM

I bought an MSI wind for a tight space, and now I'm having a terrible time installing win xp pro as the OS.

Here's where I am.

I have been trying to install by making a usb flash drive a bootable disk. I then copied the install cd onto the flash drive.

First, it worked, but got to copying files to drive, then it would hang up for hours, seems to be working, but way too slow.

Second, I added the file smartdrv.exe to the drive, and then it flew into the install, but stopped short of format and drive selection, because it says the end user license agreement can't be found.

I'm now stuck, what is the next step?

Remove the drive?
Slap it in my desktop and use windows to format the drive(based on some windows faq)?
Try to clone the existing win xp setup in my desktop to the drive, using acronis?
Go drop some cash on a usb cd drive? Will this even work?

I didn't think this would be this much of a PITA.

Let me know what to do.....any option will be tried.
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  2. I was using another similar guide, but was using the HP tool. I tried the other tool from this guide, and it worked perfectly.

    Thanks for saving me hours of scratching my head.
  3. You're welcome. Glad it worked.
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