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If you have a 1333mhz FSB processor, what sort of ram would you use for it? 1066mhz?

Im sort of confused as to how this works, does anyone have a good link off hand, or a good explanataion on how to link ram speed to fsb speed?

for instance can I use a procesor with a FSB of 800 with ram that is ddr 667mhz? will it scale down? What about using 1066 mhz rated ram with a FSB of 800? etc... I read the faq doesn't seem to explaint his to well.
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  1. I kinda have the same questions but, I do know that you can use 667 for an 800fsb cpu but, at the same time you are basicaly over clocking the memory when you do so. You will get higher timings which = worse timings then what the stick of memory is rated as being at say 667. I would say the same is true for 800 being used for a 1066 fsb cpu and 1066 being used for a 1333fsb cpu. In conclusion, I say you can use 1066 for a fsb of 1333 cpu but, why not spend an extra 30 40 dollars and get ddr2 1200 I believe it is, and have snappier timings unless you are not that big of a gamer to really care about timings. Or maybe you just can't justify spending that extra money for the tiny bit of a difference of timings on the memory. I actually am about ready to get me some ballistix 1066 my self because I have seen people getting good timings with those right now though so,,, I think you get it. I seen that the ballistix people are getting are capable of running I think it was 1200~ something like that @ like 5,5,5,8 which is pretty damn good IMO. Hope all this mumbo jumbo helps you get a better feel for what is going on man.
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