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I have lost the decktop icons from my computer. They show briefly when i turn the computer on. When i click on "restore centre"; trying to restore to a previous date to get it functioning as before & not freezes - it does not respond at all. To use my computer i have to turn it on in safe mode with networking. What should i do to get back normal working?
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  1. Greetings: Basically not working" is not very clear and distinctive. So I can give only a very general answer:
    - malware: remove it
    - a bad driver that isn't being used in safe mode: replace it
    - some strange program you installed yourself: uninstall it

    The failsafe way to repair it (except if it is being caused by hardware issues) is to reinstall Windows.

    finally if you suspect there is a virus or malware behind your issues you can give the ComboFix a spin

    How to use ComboFix:

    Download Combofix for Free

    Bonne chance..
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